Car servicing & repairs in Rockhampton


Need a car service or repairs? Bring your vehicle in to Phippsy’s Automotive in Rockhampton for a full diagnosis, followed by the necessary maintenance and repair work to get your vehicle back to optimal efficiency.

A family run and locally owned business, Phippsy’s offers a state-of-the-art workshop, with all the necessary equipment for thorough diagnosis, maintenance and repairs. We can handle everything from safety certificates to driveline repairs and general servicing.

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Roadworthy & Safety Certificates


There are laws in Queensland related to the roadworthy requirements of cars, trucks, SUVs and bikes. If your vehicle requires any roadworthy or safety certificates, bring it into Phippsy’s Automotive today.

Air Conditioning


Phippsy’s Automotive can handle any maintenance and repairs related to your vehicle. We provide roadworthy and safety certificates, suspension, brake and clutch repairs, air conditioning, tyre and suspension, logbook servicing, steering repairs, driveline maintenance and more.



From tyre pressure checks to wheel alignments and rotations—Phippsy's can handle it all. If you notice a slightly flat tyre on your car, bring it into our shop. Our mechanics provide fast repairs or replacements.

Logbook Servicing


Phippsy’s Automotive offers full logbook servicing, which includes oil changes, tyre checks, engine testing and maintenance on other car systems. We provide quick turnarounds and unbeatable rates.

General Servicing & Repairs


Do you feel as though your vehicle is a little more challenging to handle in recent weeks? Perhaps you are not experiencing as smooth a drive, or your brakes are not as effective. Phippsy’s general servicing and repairs will get your car back to optimal performance.



At Phippsy’s Automotive, our qualified mechanics provide effective steering repairs to ensure your vehicle handles as it should.

Driveline Maintenance


Your vehicle’s driveline consists of several parts that work in tandem with the engine, transmission and other internal components. Intense vibrations beneath the car, abnormal noises or the check engine light may indicate driveline problems. Our crew performs routine maintenance and repairs on drivelines for all types of vehicles at our Rockhampton workshop.